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Relax and feel happy
with the personal coaching of Sandra at Mindful Meiden in Amstelveen

Mindful Meiden Child coaching is specially designed for [highly sensitive] children from 8 to 15 years. Children who sometimes, because of too many impressions, 'can’t see the wood for the trees’. Or children who get stuck in feelings, without clarity about the right steps to follow

It's all about:

  • self confidence

  • setting limits (saying no)

  • loneliness

  • bullying behaviour

  • fear of failure

  • trauma processing

  • poor sleeping

  • (choice) stress

  • anger & sadness

  • dark thoughts


Do you want your daughter to feel at ease again?

Discover more about signing up or contact me for more information!

mindful meiden childcoaching

Child coaching  -  Teenager coaching in Amstelveen

 - online child coaching possible - 

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Discover. Marvel. Laugh. Grow

Children's coach Sandra of Mindful Meiden in Amstelveen...

I meet children with an open and curious mind. I am convinced that children have all the strengths and resources they need. These strengths become visible through play

We start with a free introductory appointment, in which there is room to ask questions, feel if there’s a click and discover the main issue for requesting help. When it feels good, we start by making an appointment for a personal intake interview. This interview will take place in my practice or online

Then we start with 5 weekly child sessions. This is followed by an evaluation interview, in which we discuss the current status and what is still needed. If I feel that less sessions are needed, I will contact you earlier. An average coach program consist of 6-8 sessions

Sometimes it is valuable to carry out an observation at school. If this is the case, I will also contact you beforehand

Do you want your son or daughter to feel at ease again?

Discover more about signing up or contact me for more information

your child's wish is the starting point

mindfulness, stories,
empowering coaching, creative methods, coaching cards

tailored to your child's world of experience

We’re going on an adventure! If possible, we go outside, into the polder

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Reviews of other girls

I feel more relaxed, happier

Sophie 14 years : 'It's nice to talk about it'

​Mother of Lauren 8 years: My daughter sleeps much easier now. We'll talk some more and then we'll be fine. It's wonderful for her as well as for us!'

​Mother of Jidske 11 years: My daughter has had a lot of help with the guidance, because of the peace and authenticity that Sandra radiates. The practical tips could be applied immediately during situations, with good results. My daughter has gained more self-confidence, which works in all situations

 Being allowed
to be who you are,
everything you bring

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no waiting list


free introduction
75 euro per session

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