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Mindfulness Training for children - Amstelveen

age 8-12

 - online mindfulness for children possible - 

less anger, fear of failure and more self-confidence
with this 6-weekly mindfulness training with personal trainer Sandra

Do you recognize this?

  • Your child is a happy person, but would like to be more sure of herself. Have more self-confidence for an important test at school or in contact with friends. That she suffers less from all the stimuli and can focus better at school

  • You want more tools for your child to deal with panic or fear of failure. That she can more easily let go of feelings of anger or sadness. Or has less trouble worrying and can relax better

In short, you want your child to feel comfortable, at any time

mindful meiden kindercoahpraktijk amstelveen sandra schoonhagen mindfulness voor kinderen

You are ok, just the way you are ;-)

My name is Sandra, mother and inspired by the purity of children. Children can't feel immensely well when things are off and they want to change something about it. But how? 

They want to learn how to live a better and more relaxed life

And that's exactly what I love to do. To give children the confidence that they can be who they are: COMPLETE. With all their anger, insecurities and fears

Only when they realize that, all the difficult things automatically becomes less problematic

6 live or online sessions with meditations, stories, explanation and creative methods

​personal guidance from Sandra, VMBN cat. 1 certified mindfulness trainer

practical workbook with stories and spoken mindfulness exercises for home

your child discovers her inner strength and feels relaxed at every moment

What other girls say...

  • I know better now when I feel tension in my body. If that happens I think, "It’s ok. And I can leave it that way. That gives peace.’

  • ‘Sandra is calm and gave me the feeling that I could trust her.’

  • ‘For an exciting moment like a test, I bring my attention to myself, and I can calmly start the test.’

  • ‘I'm less afraid in the dark.’

  • ‘I am less distracted in the classroom when there are loud children around me. I then bring my attention back to what I am doing.’

  • ‘I feel upcoming anger much better, I then take a time-out!’

hond mindful meiden kindercoachpraktijk sandra schoonhagen mindfulness voor kinderen

illustratie: Oxana Pleshko

The training is a proven and effective mix of knowledge and experience from different mindfulness approaches. Both children and parents experience more peace and quiet in their daily activities. The training is a boost for self-confidence!

Program 6-weekly mindfulness training for children

What mindfulness training entails

1. Your body as a compass

2. Attention goes on a journey

3. Breathing is your best friend

4. Just slow down

5. Tense moments are welcome

6. Thoughts are like clouds

During 6 weeks your child will develop their attention in a safe and relaxed setting in one hour sessions. In a playful way, mindfulness exercises, practice experiences and theme treatment form the basis. The training is designed in a way that parent and child can practice together at home with the workbook and the guided exercises. It appears to be very helpful for the child if the parent is also mindful ;-) 

The training was created with care from my own experience and various sources: Gezond Leven met mindfulness – Jon Kabat-Zinn 2014, Mindfulness Opleiding – Centrum voor Mindfulness, Amsterdam, Mindfulness & Compassie Coachopleiding – Academie voor Leven, Amsterdam, MindfulKids – Heartfulkids – George Langeberg & Rob Brandsma 2013, Mindfulness voor Scholen – Trees van Hennik 2017, Stilzitten als een Kikker – Eline Snel 2019

does your daughter want to become a mindful girl too?

no waiting list

mindfulness at home

helpfull to practice at home for 10 minutes a day


6 sessions

45 minutes

379 euros

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