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Feel happy and decrease stress with mindfulness training for teens (13+)

Especially for teens with stress and concentration problems


Is your daughter suffering from stress? Does the tension give her a black-out during a test? Is relaxing and taking a break under pressure difficult? Does she feel restlessness, abdominal pain or other physical complaints and does she want to feel calmer at those times?

Mindful Meiden has the mindfulness training for Teens (13+) and Children (8-12 years) for your daughter

Mindfulness training for Teens

In the mindfulness training for Teens, your daughter will find tools to stop in moments of stress, fear or panic. She better feels her needs, develops self-confidence and consciously chooses moments of relaxation

Mindfulness for Teens is a personal mindfulness training of eight weeks with mindfulness exercises, education, meditations and feeling-powerful-exercises. Your daughter gains insight into the interaction between thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviour. This way she learns that thoughts are not always truth


And that's important! If you don't identify yourself with your thoughts you are able to make better and more healthy choices


​a new theme every week:


  1. the breath and the present moment

  2. the body and pleasant moments

  3. your limits and unpleasant moments

  4. stress and space

  5. thoughts and emotions

  6. interpretations and communication

  7. your attitude and your mood

  8. yourself and your heartfulness

after the mindfulness training for Teens...

  • will your daughter has insight into her stress signals and tools to take a break in case of stress

  • does your daughter feel more relaxed for a test or for social situations

  • does your daughter experience peace in her head and body

  • does your daughter have energy, does she sleep better

  • does your daughter feel confident

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What other parents say...

Thank you very much for the wonderful course you gave my daughter. I recently noticed that she came home from work, she was happy and had nice conversations with other colleagues. Something she normally avoids. Thank you!

(mother of daughter, 15 yrs old)

David Dewulff wrote Mindfulness for Teens especially for boys and girls in secondary school. Mindfulness has been proven to be effective in the long term for dealing with stress, anxiety and panic symptoms
A real must-have for your future ;-)

the investment:

The investment for more Relaxation, Awareness and Balance is eight weekly sessions of 60 minutes. It helps to consciously relax for 15 minutes a day between sessions


In addition to the investment in time, the financial investment is 865 euros

this includes:

  • intake interview in which your daughter's motivation becomes clear

  • 8 personal sessions by VMBN cat.1 certified mindfulness trainer Sandra

  • mindfulness handouts for Teens 

  • mindfulness meditations for home

  • aftercare


Does this appeal to you? Then make an appointment for the intake

Is your daughter 8-12 years old? Discover the children's mindfulness training 

Start direct ;-)

no waiting list

possible payment in terms. please feel free to ask

investment per session

90 euro

cancel or reschedule an appointment? this is possible free of charge up to 48 hours in advance

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