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Zorgen voor de kinderen

Postitive Discipline Parenting course

Do you recognize this?

  • You love having children, but sometimes you prefer to stick them behind the wallpaper ;-)

  • You want more peace and harmony at home. You just don't know and where to start

  • You do everything for your child, but get a big mouth in return

  • You want to connect with your child, but you feel that you are drifting away from each other

  • With others it always seems to go easier and you are looking for practical tips

You can learn to enjoy parenting ;-)

As a parent, you try to do the best you can. Quarrels, mood swings, screen time. All kinds of factors that make raising your child a challenge. Do you want to learn how to deal with this in a positive way? Then this Positive Discipline parenting course by Dr. Jane Nelson really something for you

what is positive discipline parenting?

Based on the philosophy of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, Parenting with Positive Discipline is based on a respectful and non-punitive way of parenting


An inspiring six-week interactive course with theoretical knowledge and practical activities. You discover that you are not the only one with parenting questions and you practice skills in a safe setting

the course is made up of the following six parts

  1. What do you want for your child

  2. Friendly AND determined

  3. Behavior - beliefs and wrong goals

  4. Contribution of adults to behavior

  5. Correct. Consequences of behavior

  6. Validation and Errors


The course has proven its worth in more than 60 countries :-)

The effect for your child: A decrease in difficult behaviour, a greater self-solving ability and more self-confidence


The result: You feel more streght in yourself and have more fun raising your child ;-)

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starting dates

Start next ONLINE group training

new dates follow

maximum 10 and minimum 6 participants

Interested in a personal Positive Discipline course online or live in the  practice? Contact us for the possibilities


The investment for more CONNECTION with your child, more TRUST and homely REST is six two-hour sessions. At home you will then get started with the skills learned

In addition to the investment in time, the financial investment for the online group training is 250 euros*, including the workbook 'Positive Discipline'. Nice to buy the book Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen yourself

Does your partner also join? Then there is a big discount and he or she only pays 100 euros

*50 euro combination discount with a training of your choice for your child

Interested in a personal Positive Discipline course online or live in practice? Contact us for the possibilities

ouders van nu.png

(Dutch) Podcast of Ouders van Nu about Positive Discipline


Education, we all do our best. And yet everyone struggles with children who do not listen and have conflicts. Psychologist and parenting coach Valerie Ritchie tells us in this podcast that this can be done differently, and how to deal with these kinds of difficult moments in a positive way. A podcast full of practical tips to get started right away!

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five elements of Positive Discipline

  1. Kind and Determined (Respectful and Encouraging)

  2. Children experience that they belong. Matter (Connection)

  3. Effective in the long term

  4. Teach children skills. Respect, empathy, problem solving, reliability, involvement and cooperation

  5. Children discover what they can do. How they use their personal strength constructively

experiences of participants

“I've learned that I have to let go, let go and let go again. In the past Ideprived my child the opportunity to learn'

'It has changed that there is more understanding, more peace, less 'must', lower expectations, more humor and more self-reflection'

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